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Welcome to the Early Retirement Extreme (ERE) Wiki Page. Once understood, ERE principles allow for a much earlier retirement than most think. A driving principle is to live on a much smaller percentage of your income. For example, if you live on 20-25% of your wage and invest the rest, you may retire in 5 or 6 years, freeing you from the obligation to work for money for the rest of your life. This requires accumulating an investment account corresponding to 25-33 times your annual expenses in order to have a safe withdrawal rate of 3-4%. For most people, this is most easily done by focusing on decreasing expenses rather than increasing income. Decreasing expenses is most effectively done by looking at the largest expenses, namely housing, transportation, and food, instead of focusing on hundreds of smaller frugality tweaks. Start by visiting the Early Retirement Extreme Blog. The blog and book are mainly about strategy. The Early Retirement Extreme Forums are where people discuss ideas and maintain journals to document their progress. The ERE Wiki addresses tactics and specifics.

This is open for anyone who wants to contribute. Register yourself using the login link in the upper right corner of this page and start contributing! Suggested guidelines Note that inserting new links into posts will require you to answer a captcha question which will appear at the top. This is to combat spam and vandalism.

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What is ERE?

Introduction, History, Philosophy, Goals, Learning process
Mainstream Media, Online Media, Podcasts with JLF, Guest Posts, Articles, and Interviews with JLF
Helpful answers and responses to frequently raised objections.
21 Day Makeover, Guest Posts, Indexed by Topic, Indexed by Date, Indexed by Length, Sitemap
ERE City was a project started in 2011 with the goal of finding the optimal cities for ERE adherents.
ERE Community, Book Club, Fitbit Group (only available through the app now)

Financial Matters

Emergency fund, Reading List
Asset allocation, Tyler9000's Portfolio Charts, Dividend growth investing, High yield investing, Index Investing, the Permanent Portfolio, Real estate investing, Safe withdrawal rate, Value Investing, Reading List
  • Tools for Assessing ERE Viability
Amount of money needed to retire, Calculate Your Time to Retirement, ERE Indicator, ERE Wheaton Levels, Akratic's chart with net worth in years, varying lengths of retirement, and return rates

Philosophical Matters

Long list of things to do when you retire
Children, Finding a Partner, Friends and Family
ERE, Philosophy, Practical Skills, Investing, Personal Finance, ERE Book Club, Additional Reading and Resources
Inspiration, Cohorts and Luminaries: Past and Present, Quotations

Practical Matters

Computer Hardware, Computer programming, Computer Software, Design and Manufacturing, Maker Culture
Beer brewing, Bike maintenance, Growing food, House construction, Hunting, Fishing, Sewing, Wood working, Wine making, Reading List
Learning DIY Skills, Traditional Education and the Need for Credentials, Independent Pursuit of Knowledge
Baking Bread, Buying in Bulk, Cooking Methods and Equipment, ERE Cookbook, Foraging, Gardening, Pantry-keeping with staples and sales, Recipes, Staple Foods,
The Basics, Exercise, Genetics, Longevity, Mental Health, Nutrition
Choosing a place to live, Country-Specific Information, ERE City, Living options, Mortgages, Rent vs. own, US city guide to low rents, Van Dwelling
Clothing, Dental care, Deodorant, Hair care, Laundry, Shaving, Soap
Computers and electronics, Ham Radio, Internet cost, Phone plans
Walking, Running, Cycling, Driving, Insurance
Living Arrangements, Cool Places
Alternative money-making activities, Things to do while interest compounds

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