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March 2015

16th - Comments have been disabled

October 2014

13th - Guest post: Can anyone retire immediately?

August 2014

31st - Guest Post: New Escapologist — 5 year update

July 2014

30th - Podcast: I got interviewed on

June 2014

8th - Update 5 – We bought a house

April 2014

1st - The engineering triangle of financial independence

March 2014

23rd - PBS Next Avenue — The full interview

February 2014

18th - Guest post: 16 more months to retirement!

1st - Guest post: Married…with children…my path to financial independence

January 2014

1st - Guest post: It started one Friday afternoon, …

December 2013

15th - Guest post: A five year plan to leave the rat race

September 2013

15th - Woodworking toy trains

July 2013

20th - Podcast Review of the Early Retirement Extreme Book

April 2013

13th - Not enjoying life in extreme early retirement?

10th - Theory of mind

March 2013

29th - Food, health, and (long and short-term) costs

20th - Do I think Asian? Do you?

18th - Man saves tens of thousands of dollars just by thinking

February 2013

19th - That word “retired”

December 2012

30th - Update 4 – Some woodworking projects

August 2012

28th - The biggest blogging mistake I ever made …

20th - Update 3 – Interesting spreadsheet calculation

June 2012

28th - Update 2 – Look Ma, No car!

March 2012

30th - Update 1 – From the Windy City

December 2011

1st - Guest post: How I became financially independent by writing and selling websites

1st - So long and thanks for all the fish

November 2011

13th - Trading, different players, and beating the market

11th - Email problems and how to contact me — a short primer

3rd - Alternatives to a consumer economy and the point of humanity

October 2011

28th - Living like a student

27th - Guest post: Aspiring pensioners, read ERE

24th - What permaculture and ERE have in common

23rd - Survey: The spousal problem

22nd - Angry people, insults, frugal lifestyles, and the poor

20th - ERE book giveaway on Brave New Life

19th - Peak oil, the next Kondratiev cycle, generational turnings, and ERE

19th - Podcast: I got interviewed on The Survival Podcast

14th - Dunbar, technological advances, and the failure of social structure

12th - 99 percenters, capitalism, and natural slaves

11th - “You’re not retired” and some further musings on what retirement means

10th - How I live on $7,000 per year

8th - Introducing The Early Retirement Extreme Wiki

7th - What are we? Bohemians? Hippies? Neocapitalists?

5th - Homework assignment: No soap radio investing

2nd - High multiple leverage, a problem with the total return approach

1st - “You should value experiences over stuff”

September 2011

30th - Magic The Gathering and Lifestyle Design

28th - The survival podcast on consumerism

27th - “What kind of investment books do you recommend?”

25th - Twitter interview answers: 3b

23rd - Bloggers, collect your tips!

22nd - Twitter interview answers: 3a

21st - Guest post: Ten years after financial independence, the story so far

20th - First impressions count — fitting square pegs into round holes

20th - Twitter interview #3, call for questions

19th - Do we REALLY need citations these days?

18th - New York City Meetup, November 2011

16th - Gresham’s law of content, tipping content providers, and providing a better compensation model for the internet

15th - Garden update – Fall 2011

14th - Guest post: War resistance through taxes and frugality

12th - Early Retirement Extreme – My story

8th - Meetup in Austin, TX Sunday Oct 2nd at 5pm

6th - Podcast: I got interviewed on

6th - S&P500: -15.7% versus Jacob: -9.7% & +5.7% — The INV book project

5th - Guest Post: Paul Wheaton on using cast iron skillets

2nd - Free things you can do to make me happy

1st - The debt slave revolution will not be televised

August 2011

30th - Three different definitions of retirement and the resulting confusion

29th - Do you want to start a business/project with us?

28th - DIY improvisation of a patio table

24th - “Your early retirement lifestyle is one step away from being homeless…”

23rd - My current three book projects

19th - San Francisco East Bay Meetup Sat. Sep. 3rd 2011

4th - Container gardening using DIY self-watering pots

2nd - Eugene, Oregon Meetup, Saturday August 13th

July 2011

30th - Market professionals and market efficiency

28th - On elevating humanity

27th - Guest post: Join the military to retire early?

25th - Updated Frequently Asked Questions

23rd - Cassandra be damned: Incremental resiliency for the long emergency

18th - Three requirements to retire early

10th - The Idler #44 has been released

9th - Scientists vs engineers, a postmodern perspective

7th - Musings on postmodernism, ignorance, and my answer to “Do you really believe people are dumb?”

5th - ERE book – grade level comprehension survey

3rd - Guest post: The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement

1st - The ethics of ERE and of dropping out of the system

June 2011

30th - Being frugal as an end in itself

27th - The bill-paying lifestyle

26th - First attempt at saw sharpening

22nd - Health insurance for extreme early retirement

14th - Myths and the future

9th - Guest post: ERE explained! – Part 2

8th - Guest post: ERE explained! – Part 1

1st - What retirement is and means to me

May 2011

31st - Borsodi, industrial slavery, and rebooting the Matrix

30th - Homemade woodworking tools – part 1

24th - Guest post: The Quest of Financial Bloggers to Save The World

22nd - A homemade map holder for my bicycle

17th - The ERE book has now sold 2500 copies

April 2011

26th - Books to understand the future

21st - The ERE book is available on kindle on Amazon.DE

18th - DIY $4 rake

17th - On rabbits and turtles and popular lifestyle gurus

12th - Explaining ERE with a kitchen analogy

4th - My essay in New Escapologist #5

2nd - Your blog recommendations

March 2011

31st - Spring 2011 update

26th - You don’t know what you don’t know

26th - One more year before comfort

21st - Great book for analysing real estate (and stocks)

9th - Why so few succeed

4th - Tenouchi and appropriate action

2nd - Business models vs business philosophies

1st - Sniping on eBay

February 2011

23rd - Meetup in Seattle Sun Feb 27th @ 2pm

21st - “DIY” Return address labels

15th - Guest post: Fulfillment

8th - The independence of money

4th - Measuring prosperity by less activity, not more

January 2011

25th - DW’s idea of fun and Christmas cheer

15th - The importance of not being a punk

11th - Guest post: The Pareto Law of Budget Management

4th - The forest versus the trees

4th - Win a free copy of the ERE book

4th - In these trying economic times …

December 2010

29th - On gratification

28th - Cold showers — one year later

21st - Is your lifestyle design robust?

12th - Why Early Retirement Extreme is a bad name

2nd - I’m happy I’m no longer the only one

November 2010

29th - Guest post: Retired at 33

26th - The connection between ERE and peak oil

24th - This week’s meetups: Berkeley, CA and Oahu, Waikiki

23rd - How I feel about splurging

22nd - Some bean cooking tweaks

19th - Hello new readers!

19th - When management sucks

12th - Guest post: Why I’m pursuing ERE: greed vs. passion

10th - See what I’m reading on

9th - Fall 2010 update

5th - The difference between a live book and a dead book

3rd - Do It Yourself ERE bookmarks

1st - The ecotechnic future and early retirement extreme

October 2010

31st - How democracy works

28th - How I learned to stop worrying and love the “end of the world”

28th - The hedged nature of early retirement extreme

26th - What I have learned about book publishing

25th - has reduced the price to $14.36

24th - Graphing the meaning of retirement

23rd - Making money and keeping score

22nd - Review the book on amazon and get $6 off

21st - I’m guestposting on today

20th - Getting the ERE book from the library

19th - Sacrificing too much for early retirement?

18th - The two things I liked the least about my last job(s)

16th - Preorder the paperback on and

15th - Book reviews and future plans

15th - The book will be on,, and shortly

12th - Read chapter 1 (and then some) for free

11th - The struggling drinking class

10th - The disappearance of the middle class

10th - Kindle version seen on and

9th - I’m not sure I have the guts to rely on a job for income

9th - How not to write a landing page

8th - Some observations about the market

7th - Poll: How much do you need to retire early?

6th - Traveling around the world after ERE

5th - Some reactions around the net

3rd - My list of extreme early retirement books

2nd - The book is on!

1st - Book — The Table of Contents

September 2010

30th - More about the book

30th - The budget to become financially independent in 5 years

30th - The ERE book has been published!

29th - The Push

28th - Risk of ruin and tolerance of variance

27th - The definition of retirement

23rd - A list of people pursuing extreme early retirement

22nd - The Drake equation of personal finance

21st - September 2010 in review

16th - Pilaf: To really slash your grocery budget

15th - Most popular posts

14th - Social investing – how it works

13th - Philosophy is not the words of books

12th - Money in the context of social convention

9th - Thinking is hard to do

9th - The operations behind the blog, forum, and book

7th - Making coffee: An interesting little physics problem

6th - The art of waiting

5th - Confession: I used to be a gadget geek…

1st - Silicon Valley and New York City Meetups in September

August 2010

31st - Stoicism vs (Zen) Buddhism — preliminary conclusions

26th - Welfare recipients and capitalists – parasites on the system?

25th - Slaying the “enough” dragon

23rd - Inexpensive bean spaghetti sauce

21st - Happiness and the discount value of money

20th - Subscribe to the forums

19th - What is happening to the middle class

18th - A simple portfolio strategy for extreme early retirement

17th - Guestpost Extreme Early Retirement in Germany

15th - The last pair of boots I’ll ever buy

13th - Progressquest your career

13th - Book update + book page

11th - My future plans for ERE

6th - Further reading – A big list of books

4th - On why I decided not to sell my book as an e-book

2nd - Guest post: New Beginnings Post Divorce, Post Kids, Post 9-5

1st - Three plugins to boost your blog traffic by 50%

July 2010

31st - Forum roundup

30th - The examination anticlimax

27th - Guest post from In The Trenches

26th - Why the unemployed don’t work

22nd - New York City Meetup September 18th + Longevity survey results

22nd - Chicago Meetup August 7th

21st - Early Retirement Extreme Forums

20th - A few things you can do to optimize your bicycle ride

19th - Reader longevity – time to come out of the woodworks?

19th - On search engines, optimization, and backlinks

17th - Financial advisers – a conflict of interest

16th - Escaping the rate race + interview

11th - Personality psychology and early retirement resistance

8th - The downsizing challenge

7th - Simple pancake recipe

4th - Lack of intrinsic motivation will destroy your early retirement

3rd - Automate your finances?

2nd - My current ride …

1st - My theory of persuasion

June 2010

30th - The cake is a lie

28th - Which books would you recommend?

28th - My sailing adventures

26th - Standard of living versus quality of life

24th - Tips from S on how to spend less eating out

23rd - Rice, lentils, and bacon recipe

23rd - Those who are out of reach …

22nd - Introducing Nine to Five’d in Dublin

19th - Introducing SillySneakers

17th - Wanna become an ERE apprentice?

16th - Your source of everyday inspiration, gah!

15th - How to save money on health care

14th - The Mexican Fisherman

11th - Peak oil preparation

10th - The frugal challenge

9th - Budget reduction survey results

8th - No more mindless submission

8th - Meetup in Sunnyvale, CA 6/13/10, 2:30pm

7th - What happens to technology if people quit their jobs

5th - How blog comments look in a parallel universe

4th - The voluntarily dispossessed

2nd - What’s holding you back from your financial dreams?

2nd - The ant and the grasshopper

May 2010

31st - How rich do you really need to be?

31st - The value of reviewing bad books

30th - Coverdesigner + long term reader

30th - Blogs as passive income, no way!

28th - Kantian morals and early retirement

27th - The Latte-factor and brewing your own coffee

26th - Book miscellaneous

25th - Three Unusual Investment Options to Help You Retire Early

24th - Reality is better

23rd - Book recommendation for entrepreneurial and startup problems

21st - Dealing with well-intended advice

21st - Building a publishing empire

19th - Book store test — are the books there?

19th - The great book title survey

19th - Why not an e-book?

17th - Book price survey

17th - After the writing is done …

14th - Guest Post: Stepping off the Beaten Path by Saying No!

13th - Intelligence, experience, and wisdom

12th - The second step out of consumerism

11th - Government website rankings vs pf bloggers

11th - Choices, desires, and satisfaction

9th - The danger of lifestyle consumption

8th - The first step out of consumerism

7th - How I got out of consumerism

6th - I survived 2:45

6th - Skills and Imagination

6th - A cure to careerism

5th - Saying “No” to a new car

5th - The risk of stock market diversification

4th - Perspectives on human performance

4th - The roots of my personal finance beliefs

3rd - Are you suffering from careerism?

2nd - Guest post: Wanting out

April 2010

30th - Where does determination come from?

29th - It’s like owning a business… yet not quite

27th - Why 99% of savers should avoid the stock market

27th - Economic foundations — think about it

25th - Saying “NO” to fitting in

23rd - Future interest rates for extreme early retirement in the 21st century

22nd - A way out for a young lawyer

21st - Quantifying success

20th - Two possible projects for the next five years

19th - Call for guest posts about “saying no”

16th - Three payment mindsets

15th - Money versus resources

13th - Money is only (part of) the means to an end

11th - Modern business wisdom and an update

8th - Guest post on Monevator about extreme retirement

7th - I’d rather be …

5th - Five things every early retiree wannabe knows

3rd - Books, ebooks, advertising, and donations

March 2010

30th - Building an intentional early retirement community

27th - The three methods of finance, when enough is enough

25th - Making money blogging about lifestyle design

24th - The lifestyle design blog drinking game

24th - Question about updating Mac OS X

22nd - Koyaanisqatsi – life out of balance

22nd - The danger of outgrowing your lifestyle

21st - Closed-ended problems and open-ended problems

19th - Money goals and score keeping

19th - Frequently asked questions

18th - Benford’s law and why the first million is the hardest

18th - Should I go back to work?

17th - Clarifying our financial situation

16th - The end of simplifying

15th - How to win a sword fight

15th - Sheet hemming

12th - Marginal earnings, when working is no longer worth it

11th - My sailing log

9th - Downsizing party

9th - My book writing experience

8th - Great post, I agree, and other common blog comments

7th - Car depreciation and maintenance

6th - Preliminaries to retiring in 5 years

5th - Clothes depreciation

4th - The 100 things challenge

3rd - In praise of the mystic

3rd - Versatile cookware

1st - Never do things for their own sake

February 2010

26th - Garbage and excessive spending

23rd - Your budget is like a leaking ship

22nd - 2009 Plutus Award Finalist

22nd - The reason for the dearth of investment posts on ERE

21st - Does retiring early lead to a shorter lifespan?

19th - On living well

18th - Promotion versus production

18th - Playing with alexa web rankings

18th - Guest post at Almost Frugal

16th - What we have is a failure to communicate

15th - The $1.38 Mountain Bike

14th - I’d rather be wealthy than rich

12th - An annual reading list

11th - Marriage and economy of scale

10th - What if everybody decided to work much less

9th - Extreme Early Retirement Workshop

8th - How to avoid career opportunity costs

6th - Maybe nobody knows how to cook?

5th - Sympathetic magic and the church of positive thinking

4th - Making tortilla chips

3rd - Five flag theory

2nd - The rise and decline of the American middle class

2nd - Are we blogging the wrong way?

1st - Entrenching

January 2010

31st - Sailing, coffee brewing, and The Way

29th - Subscribe to ALL comments via RSS

28th - In praise of idleness

28th - In praise of laziness

23rd - Impossible is easy

22nd - It is not the supreme court, it is you …

21st - Are you asset-less?

20th - Chess and enlightenment

19th - Extroverts and introverts, the great dichotomy

18th - What retirement means as an extravert

17th - Music, extraverts, introverts, and your inner “voice”

15th - Do you have any valuable bartering skills

13th - Twitter meetup: Thursdays 1930EST/1630PST

12th - Thousand Islands

12th - Investing in sectors too big to fail

11th - To become financially independent at 25

9th - Letter to normal people

7th - Physiological advantages

7th - How to define work (and love)

6th - Everything explained!

5th - A few up and coming blogs you should read

5th - Recruitment strategies

3rd - If money …

1st - New year’s resolutions for 2010

1st - A second list of books

December 2009

30th - Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

30th - The best posts of 2009

27th - Democracy, Hollingworth, and the ingenuity gap

26th - Travel, tourism, and living abroad

25th - Guest post: Having my cake and eating it too

24th - Backlinks to

22nd - Cassandra’s curse

21st - Top 5 reasons why sidewalks are not safe

19th - Hands-on substitute exercise for cable TV

18th - Top 5 reasons to not live in a little house

17th - The climate politics debate that we should be having

16th - You can donate unused paperbackswap credits to schools

16th - The climate science debate

15th - Travel is not worth it

13th - Driving towards financial independence: Reducing media costs

11th - Is it not strange that …

10th - Tools

9th - How to set up a bicycle repair company

9th - The credit crisis and the great recession

7th - Be the change — the world you deserve

6th - Fun fact: When the furnace runs out of propane

5th - Day 21: Investing for early retirement – Part 2

4th - Early Retirement Extreme is 2 years old

2nd - Wealthy, rich, poor, and broke

1st - Disease, death, and organ failure

November 2009

30th - A frugal dating site

27th - What’s great about being financially independent and early retired?

26th - How is saving for extreme early retirement like learning to swim?

25th - Value infection

24th - When To Retire? – Try Age 35

23rd - Post-materialism and post-productivity

20th - My Early Retirement Story

18th - On Experts and Pseudo-Experts

17th - My Journey

14th - My Early Retirement Plan

13th - Do I have to live in an RV to retire extremely early?

12th - Extreme Early Retirement vs Delayed Retirement

11th - Retiring abroad

11th - The Key to Entrepreneurial Freedom

10th - Retiring early on $500,000

9th - Escaping the “9 to 5” before 25

7th - Who is extreme?

6th - Waking up from Big House Dreams: our crooked path towards early retirement

5th - Buying out DW in 2013.5

5th - Soliciting guest posts from others with early retirement plans

4th - Ambition — is it all about the money?

3rd - Bloggers should communicate their personal opinions

2nd - Efficient markets have zero returns

1st - eHow update – $16.88

October 2009

31st - The Mini-minimum wardrobe

26th - The world is like a box of Lego

23rd - The happiest people on Earth

22nd - A tale of two dentists

22nd - The three biggest challenges following extreme early retirement

17th - Tests, cars, and travel

15th - Blog Action Day: Climate Change

13th - The implications of financial freedom

12th - Looks like it’s getting time sell some stocks

12th - Protecting the RV against rain

9th - Comfort

8th - Real skills and character

7th - Is the ERE method robust?

6th - What does being (early) retired mean?

5th - Breakfast for champions

3rd - Swine flu and systemic responses

2nd - Tattooing your net worth on your forehead

1st - eHow update – $17.65

1st - Understanding early retirement in terms of comparative advantage and trade deficits

September 2009

29th - Becoming less productive and less competitive

29th - Back to reality

28th - No stress, I’m going sailing again today

27th - Sailing weekend

25th - Has the relationship dynamics changed since my early retirement?

24th - A typical day no more

23rd - Salaried creative jobs are inefficient

22nd - eHow update – I made $14.65

20th - Fixing a futon frame

20th - Increasing your max to avoid the limit

19th - Markets and bike repair update

16th - The crazy market / economy

15th - Past performance is no guarantee of future results

11th - Traveling by sail

9th - Clothesline efficiency

7th - Permanent Holiday

7th - From thinking to doing

4th - The value of work

3rd - Update – mostly about bikes

2nd - eHow, SEO writing, and passive income

August 2009

31st - Instructionals vs figuring things out for yourself

30th - I’m making laundry detergent

29th - eHow as a way to retire extremely early?

28th - Now fixing bikes for a shelter

27th - How to remove rust using things from your garage only

25th - It feels good when the stock market is moving up …

23rd - Can I retire on X dollars

21st - How to remove rust using kitchen utensils only

20th - Important papers and numbers, just in case

18th - How to succeed in school without really learning anything

17th - Running as transportation

17th - Can I retire early with superior investment technique?

16th - Can I retire young?

15th - How to adjust the rear derailer with an index shifter

14th - Quick survey: Would you work a pointless job?

14th - Gaining bike repair experience

13th - Things vs. experiences

12th - How to decide whether to unsubscribe from a blog

11th - The extrapolation fallacy

10th - Kettlebell challenge update II

10th - How was your weekend?

9th - When a field gets engineered…

8th - Highlander and the lattice work of mental models

7th - Extreme Early Retirement vs. Friends and Relatives

6th - Survival Preparedness

5th - A startup curriculum for finance, economics, and investing

4th - Welcome Survivalblog readers

3rd - Upcycling: Turning waste into goods

3rd - Early Retirement: 4 months later

1st - Exercises in missing the point

1st - Will we be repairing our iPods a hundred years from now?

July 2009

31st - Why downsizing and voluntary simplicity?

31st - Latest blog finds

29th - Dealing with heatwaves

29th - How much do you make?

27th - Why Black Swans are on the increase

24th - A retirement career as a caretaker (in exotic locations)

23rd - Quick Survey

23rd - Watch repair

22nd - Alternative histories

22nd - If I could do it all over …

21st - Rudimentary earthquake preparation

20th - Some comments on martial arts

19th - Donations, sword cutting, and geocaching

16th - The best posts of the first half of 2009

14th - The salary of a blogger: What you should be paid

13th - Alternative status symbols

12th - Two different roads to comfort

11th - Building a solar heater for the RV

11th - Frugality rant

10th - Kettlebell challenge update

9th - RV vs. apartment

8th - Top 5 ways to be more creative at work

7th - My dreams of becoming a “slumlord”

6th - Reusing calendars

5th - Veggie burger

4th - Comfort or liberty

3rd - Somebody explain travel to me?

2nd - Survey: Which content is most important to you?

1st - A new metric for blog rankings

1st - Corrupted personal finance word of the day: Investing

June 2009

30th - Being frugal beyond your means

29th - Corrupted personal finance word of the day: Sacrifice

28th - Corrupted personal finance word of the day: Savings

27th - Day 20: Own classics

25th - When does an emergency fund become superfluous

25th - How to understand distribution

24th - Twitter interview#2

23rd - Bicycle tutor

23rd - Utopia

22nd - The service trap

21st - Fixing my bicycle – part II

20th - You’ll pry the internet off my cold dead hands

19th - Teaching and talking

19th - New interview with me

18th - The feeling of time

17th - Fixing my bicycle – part I

16th - The kettlebell challenge

14th - Day 19: Getting rid of your TV (addiction)

12th - Twitter interview #1

11th - The Tao of The Intellect

11th - Slight site redesign

9th - How to spend very little money

8th - I just started an exercise program – what should I expect?

5th - The index vs mutual funds debate

4th - Things I would like to learn versus Things I could teach

3rd - Does early retirement require a specific personality?

2nd - My list of financial freedom books

1st - My 4 hour work week

May 2009

31st - When form follows function

29th - Complexity

28th - Attaining the right weight

27th - What makes me feel rich

26th - Useful tools: Supercook

25th - Slaying the “I might need it someday”-monster

23rd - Using a bicycle pump for truck tires

22nd - The wealthy shall inherit the Earth

21st - Unrecognized personality disorders

20th - The minimal number of tools

19th - Using evil lawns for crosstraining

18th - Four requirements for change

15th - The three things I did right (and so can you)

14th - Which blogs do you read?

13th - Incomplete list of hobbies that could earn money

12th - One man’s meat is another man’s poison

11th - My top 5 tips to becoming an extreme early retirement expert

8th - How to deal with heat

7th - How to change and how to fail at changing

5th - How I define financial independence

4th - What’s your financial independence target year?

2nd - I went to the mall today

1st - Price and value

1st - Guest post at Lazy Man and Money

1st - Unleavened bread the easiest way

April 2009

30th - Does money only exist to be spent?

29th - 25 things you (probably) didn’t know about me

28th - A duty to work

27th - The paradox of thrift

26th - How to true a bicycle wheel

25th - Three weeks after quitting my job

24th - A different perspective

23rd - Consumerism II

22nd - Today’s anti-consumer rant

20th - Interview with Modern Gal

19th - Ecological housing – consider an RV

16th - Smoothie Project #12

15th - Day 18: Join a challenge

14th - Day 17: Maintaining and repairing things

13th - The future of extreme early retirement

12th - Buying used precision tools

10th - One week into “retirement”

10th - Tolerance ranges and cold showers

9th - New about sections on the blog

8th - What did you want to do when you grew up

7th - Random musings on biotic potentials and interest rates

6th - My dream

5th - Speeding and transportation

4th - On the universally declining standards of living

3rd - And so it begins …

1st - Pareto barriers

March 2009

31st - Problems with Prosper’s 1099 forms for 2009

26th - Smoothie Project #8

26th - Update from the worm farm

22nd - The virtue of discomfort

20th - What’s the difference between a frog and a modern human?

19th - Breaking up with your career …

16th - I retired from my career

14th - Problems leaving comments

12th - What’s the most economically inefficient gadget you own?

9th - Build a worm composting system

6th - What’s the point of education?

5th - Guest post on An Experiment in Retirement

5th - Kindle-lust

1st - Simple personality types and their behavior

February 2009

25th - Leftover recipe

24th - Put some clothes on, damnit!

23rd - Whoa! My health insurance went up?

22nd - I joined Hulu

19th - The evolution of the meaning of money

17th - Why work?

15th - The follow up

14th - Guest post: DW on how it is to live with me

11th - Personal finance development

10th - Smoothie project #7

9th - The slightly inaccurate rule of 72

6th - Symptoms and diseases

3rd - Food and water supply

2nd - Dealing with heat waves on a budget

1st - Music

January 2009

30th - Better food, better eyes?

29th - New math

28th - Children and early retirement

27th - Early retirement extreme retirement plan

26th - Tough to answer: What do you do for a living?

24th - Stock returns in the long run

23rd - It was me …

23rd - The best way to switch to a raw food diet

22nd - Changing habits or changing the habits

21st - The consequence of finite energy

20th - Day 16: The stuff you actually keep and use

19th - Book review: Effective cycling

19th - My computer

15th - My HDHP HSA and some comments on health care

13th - Day 15: The first two weeks of the make over

11th - Productivity and the Goose that laid the Golden Eggs

9th - Smoothie project #5

9th - Smoothie project #6

8th - A tribute to my pressure cooker

7th - What is freedom?

4th - Day 14: Investing for early retirement – Part 1

2nd - Let me know which topics you would like to see in the future

1st - Early Retirement Extreme on Facebook

1st - Extrinsic worth vs intrinsic worth

December 2008

31st - The best posts of Early Retirement Extreme in 2008

31st - New year’s resolutions? – Not me!

30th - Day 13: Insurance

29th - My blog roll at the end of 2008

28th - Day 12: Establishing a savings account

27th - The power of metaphors

26th - The blender, the spice grinder

25th - Day 11: Connecting your stuff with your neighbors

24th - Information, knowledge, and wisdom

23rd - Day 10: Calculating net worth

22nd - I’m on twitter!

22nd - Day 9: Budgeting

21st - With great freedom comes great responsibility

20th - Day 8: Get engaged!

19th - The $1500 bicycle

18th - Day 7: Going car free

17th - Day 6: Clothes

16th - Sorry no post today: RV Upkeep

15th - Day 5: Find a free hobby

14th - Day 4: Drop the cell phone plan

13th - Post your $1-2 recipes

12th - Day 3: Grocery shopping

11th - Using RSS to keep up with blogs is much faster!

10th - Day 2: Decluttering and managing stuff

9th - Day 1: Finding a place to live

8th - Day 0: The Early Retirement Extreme 3021 Day Makeover

6th - The longest line

6th - The mental prison of being poor

4th - Keeping warm during winter

3rd - Some observations after 1 year of blogging

2nd - Access to credit: Why the young generation should avoid it

November 2008

29th - The best Xmas ever

28th - It’s buy nothing day today.

27th - Sloppy joe pinto beans one dollar meal

26th - The death of buy and hold?

26th - If the women don’t find you handsome …

25th - Why human space travel is important

24th - What the down market means for extreme early retirement?

23rd - Thanks for the Joomla!

22nd - RV upkeep: Refilling propane tanks

21st - Overdoing it!

20th - The game show problem

19th - Seeing the unseen

18th - Apparently I write like a man

18th - Does anyone know Joomla?

17th - What do you see when you look at someone?

16th - On the roof

15th - Rant on society’s expectations …

14th - Early retirement extreme: Living in “squalor” since 2000

13th - Upgrade your music collection with quality headphones

13th - I just bought another 100 shares of GE today

12th - Economic oversimplication

11th - How to fix a broken thermostat

10th - Active learning

7th - Zero-sum games

6th - Common sense quotient, index fingers, over-commercialism, and information distribution.

5th - How to live out of a suitcase

3rd - Election day: You decide where we will be in 4-8 years!

3rd - A tale of three species part III

2nd - What retirement means to me

1st - How little do you need to retire?

October 2008

31st - A tale of three species part II

30th - A tale of three species

29th - In praise of small spaces

28th - What if you lived forever

27th - Hedge fund manager calls it quits

25th - The benefits of less space

24th - Early Retirement Extreme for sale: $85,000

18th - I’ll be back on Wednesday

15th - Why we bought an RV to live in

11th - Market is crashing, sky is falling, and still no internet

10th - After two weeks in the RV

9th - The death of index investing

7th - Seventh day in the RV

6th - Sixth day in the RV

5th - Fifth day in the RV

4th - Fourth day in the RV

3rd - Third day in the RV

2nd - Second day in the RV

1st - First day in the RV

September 2008

29th - We finally moved into the RV

26th - Manifesto

25th - On dealing with flakes on craigslist and freecycle

24th - Credit crunch 101

23rd - Moving day 2

22nd - Is being process-oriented better than being goal-oriented?

20th - Moving day 1

19th - Day trading these days is a hairy business

18th - A bunch of interesting links

17th - How to pick a commuter bike

16th - Do it yourself investing

15th - Small cap value investing

13th - How we found a place to park and live in our RV

12th - What should my savings rate be – some comments

11th - What should my savings rate be?

10th - Most people …

9th - I need suggestions for better blog post categories

8th - Done in by consumption

7th - Carnivals reflux edition

7th - Challenge: Wear something out

5th - Are we qualitatively different?

4th - How do I get my spouse to go along with my frugal plans?

3rd - We are going to cut our expenses in half

2nd - How well are you doing on your way to early retirement?

1st - We are selling our furniture

August 2008

30th - DCF analysis of student loans

29th - How I would get out of debt (if I had any)

28th - I just rotated my bicycle tires to make them last longer

28th - Banking Adventure

26th - Net worth calculations are useless

26th - Create a DVD cooperative

25th - International travel (for free)

23rd - What am I going to do with all this toilet paper?

22nd - The two year fitness program

21st - The price of an Olympian body

20th - The total cost of TV

18th - How much do I need to save for extreme early retirement?

16th - What competitive swimming taught me a about professional careers

16th - Need suggestions on how to catch stripers

14th - How to retire in 5 years

13th - Using paper bags instead of padded envelopes

11th - Our new small kitchen

8th - Our new 289 sqft home

6th - Personal finance games

5th - A meaningful life after early retirement

3rd - Stop throwing away food

1st - How to fully utilize closet space

July 2008

29th - Selling graduate textbooks

27th - Buying the best from the outset

25th - Using baking soda for brushing teeth

23rd - Living in a garbage truck

23rd - I revised my blogroll

22nd - Money for nothing and the shirts for free

21st - Lately I have been buying stocks like crazy…

18th - Think Big, Basically and Simply.

16th - With record oil prices is it time to buy winter clothes?

14th - Who needs a college degree anyway?

12th - Weekend roundup – garage sale edition

11th - 15 baby steps towards voluntary consumerism

10th - The cult of index investing

9th - The life and death of a blogger

8th - Downsizing for an RV

7th - Advanced cash flow diagrams

5th - Saturday Roundup – 4th of July edition

4th - Peach Chutney

3rd - Cheap fruits and vegetables via loss leaders

1st - Early Retirement Extreme’s budget

June 2008

30th - Are pro-bloggers like professors?

27th - Can I retire with 2 million dollars?

26th - Which morals are most useful for personal finance?

24th - Retire Early: The Importance of Getting Out of Debt

23rd - Weekly roundup – RV edition

20th - Big sacrifices now make all the small differences later

19th - Thank you commenters for the library tip

18th - What I “pay” for health care

17th - Dear Graduate, do you want to retire in five years?

11th - Modified Navy Showers

9th - On cars and jitneys

8th - Vegan slow cooker chili

7th - Deodorant refurbishing

7th - Volunteer opportunity on ERE

6th - Learning to cook saves at least $5000 a year

4th - Retiring happy in the 21st century

May 2008

29th - Vinegar and soap

28th - Accident by construction – why technology and regulations increase risk

27th - You are not irreplaceable

26th - The vehicle dependent mindset

24th - How to get a solid desk for free (this opportunity doesn’t last)

22nd - Early Retirement Portfolios

19th - The ultimate cheapskate – reflux

18th - Dear unborn grandchildren

12th - Bicycle riders on the freeway

11th - The Gamesmen

10th - Reinventing yourself

5th - Endurance events

3rd - The opportunity cost of early retirement

2nd - New schedule

1st - My favorite writings of April 2008 – including ecological budget

April 2008

30th - Quo vadis?

29th - Good housekeeping

28th - Why this early retirement blog continuously talks about cycling and cooking?

27th - The psychological requirements for going the distance

26th - Saturday Roundup – One day late edition

25th - Food Rationing

24th - Don’t wash your clothes every day

23rd - That was horrible!

22nd - Letter from the establishment

21st - Maximize your 401k early in the year

19th - My weekend

18th - The frugal century

17th - How we eat

16th - Cauliflower omelet – another sub-dollar meal.

15th - Why I won’t join the middle class

14th - Let’s play some hockey (my guilty pleasure)

12th - How I’m now getting books, CDs, and DVDs without paying for them

11th - The major risks of buy and hold index investing

10th - Making changes

9th - Cavalcade of Risk #49

8th - Row, row, row your boat — On the law of comparative advantage

7th - Tap water

5th - Saturday Roundup – More book swapping

4th - Overtraining

3rd - Living aboard

2nd - My favorite writings of March 2008

1st - A salary veils economic reality

March 2008

31st - Make your own refried beans

30th - Marriage

29th - Saturday Roundup – 500 subscribers in 4 months

28th - A modest prediction for the next 20 years

27th - Minimalist inspirations

26th - How to do original research

25th - Spring Holiday

24th - Big on methods, poor on fundamentals.

22nd - Saturday Roundup – A safety moment (with taxes)!

21st - Diversification

20th - The real reason it is so easy/hard to get ahead

19th - Choosing a retirement plan for extremely early retirement

18th - The value of hobbies

17th - The ones we don’t know we don’t know or why specialization is the biggest problem in the world

15th - Saturday Roundup – Interview edition

14th - Prosper taxes for debt sales and bankruptices

13th - Getting rid of books

12th - Why it is so hard for Americans to be healthy and not spend money

11th - TurboTax proved too difficult for me

10th - A typical weekday of my life – spring 2008

8th - Saturday Roundup – ecological freelance edition

7th - Why I hate eating out

6th - Fit Dad Fat Dad

5th - Why do so many people hoard so much?

4th - Is “cheap” the new “green”?

3rd - The Early Retirement Path

2nd - My favorite writings of February 2008

1st - Saturday Roundup – This page intentionally left blank edition

February 2008

29th - When Good People Give Bad Financial Advice

28th - What people ought to know about the different kinds of personal finance blogs

27th - Do you save to invest or to spend?

26th - MBTI and societal behavioral patterns

25th - A plan to financial independence at 35

24th - My commute is awesome

23rd - Get wealthy trick: Don’t spend any money until it is re-earned.

23rd - Saturday Roundup and Carnivals – the class society edition

22nd - Programmers, ultra-marathons, and voluntary simplicity

21st - Who else is giving things away?

20th - Using the Crowbar Maneuver to get cash fast

19th - The efficient market hypothesis

18th - No need to save millions – here’s a quicker way to financial independence

17th - The secret of education

16th - Now you can have a 7 year car loan. Outrageous!!

16th - Saturday roundup and festivals – novocain edition

15th - Bicycle commuting: Needs vs wants.

14th - Downsizing by giving to charity

13th - Precision, accuracy and the importance of using the right model

12th - The two personal finance books that changed my life

11th - On minimizing depreciation expenses

10th - How I became financially independent in 5 years – Part IV – the investments

9th - Time to be proactive about a possible recession – 2 years later

9th - Saturday roundup and carnivals – What’s in your wallet edition

8th - What cycling taught me about personal finance

7th - 5 ways to help get a prosper loan funded

6th - Potato pancakes – dinner for less than $1

5th - My list of 25 money saving tips

4th - Are you prepared for stagflation?

3rd - Ecological capitalism and consumer capitalism

2nd - The problem with the economic stimulus package and what to do about it

2nd - This week’s roundup – the “How to keep warm when the thermostat is set at 55F” edition.

1st - My favorite writings of January 2008

January 2008

31st - How to downsize your kitchen

30th - How to be happy in the long run

29th - Optimizing blogging with S-curves

28th - My emergency fund (transfer) in action

28th - Is your stuff holding you back?

27th - The inexpensive home gym – part 2

26th - Cash flow diagrams for the poor, the middle class, and the investor class

26th - This weeks round up – heating costs are down

25th - Better goal setting with S-curves

24th - Wealth is not about the money

23rd - How I invest when the markets are bleeding

22nd - If I retire with a million dollars how well can I live?

21st - So you say my blog is worth $15000 already?

20th - Am I cheap?!?

19th - Eliminating heating bills and cutting down on heating costs

19th - Comments on my favorite posts from this week’s carnivals

18th - Dollar cost averaging at the pump for cheaper gas

17th - How I became financially independent in 5 years – Part III

16th - Thoughts on blogging, popularity, and history

15th - What’s it like to marry a frugal guy – DW tells her story

14th - I don’t need an emergency fund, I have a credit card

13th - Getting in shape without paying a dime

12th - Stranger in a strange land

11th - Your TV is not going to be obsolete

11th - Making socks last

10th - The inexpensive home gym – part 1

9th - When more is better and when enough is enough

8th - What I would teach children about savings

8th - New readers and today’s carnivals

7th - Do I need a million dollars to retire?

6th - What early retirement means when you’re too young to retire

5th - Swedish sausage dish

5th - Walking in the rain

4th - Lending victoriously to strangers

4th - Bicycle commuting

3rd - Financially free

2nd - How to get wealthy on minimum wage

2nd - Back to the basics for financial and physical fitness

1st - My favorite writings of December 2007

December 2007

31st - Get a push lawn mower

30th - Cooking for 6 days in 30 minutes for less than $4

30th - The economics of Robinson Crusoe

29th - Marathon running and personal finance

29th - Envelope recycling

29th - Taking back personal financial responsibility

28th - What spatula would a Marine choose?

28th - Early Retirement Extreme gets its own domain!

27th - Read this rant and save 50-70%

27th - How I became financially independent in 5 years – Part II

26th - Clotheslines

26th - How I became financially independent in 5 years – Part I

25th - Forget about net worth, consider the bottom line

24th - Gift wrapping paper and ribbons

24th - My money lending experiences on Prosper

23rd - Pandora and the box of unknown wants

23rd - Modern "Fitness"

22nd - Can you wait, think, and fast?

22nd - Wear a wide brimmed hat and retire extremely early

21st - Don’t wear sunscreen

21st - Wear sunscreen and retire early

20th - The education of an investor

19th - Frugality is not deprivation

19th - On nose blowing

18th - Are budgets required or just a good idea?

18th - More on frugal xmas presents + carnival news

17th - The minimalist kitchen

16th - Passion

15th - Own quality not quantity

14th - My REAL net worth

13th - Should I get insurance?

13th - Should I reveal my net worth?

12th - On how car dealerships helped me save money

11th - Exercise for the reader

11th - Xmas gift giving – a survival guide

10th - Everybody wants to …

9th - What do you have to show for it?

8th - Subprime bailout

8th - How to save money on milk

7th - On liabilities

7th - How to light a wood stove

7th - Anti-consumerists can retire early from the rat race

6th - It’s only money…

5th - The true cost of coffee addiction

4th - What is your number?

4th - Why financial independence part I – Early motivations

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