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(Information courtesy of C40)

The book you should start with is this: Vanabode - Jason Odom -- (it is 100% a how-to book, and it has a VERY ERE slant)


The VanDweller's Guide - Romana Starfield (similar to the Vanabode book, with some more technical details on setting up a solar system and plumbing, but not as good overall)

Any Road will take you there - David Berner (haven't read it yet)

How to Live in a Car, Van, or.... - Robert Wells (Haven't read it yet)

Turning a cargo van into a road trip adventure vehicle - Roger Steen (haven't read it yet)

Wide-Eyed Wanderers - Richard Ligato - This is a travel book, not much how-to

Drive Nacho Drive - Brad Van Orden - another travel book mainly

Walden on Wheels - Ken Ilgunas - Not much about how-to, more of a biography of his life up to van-living

BLOGS - the ones I read the most:

BLOGS - others from my feed. Many I haven't read yet:

YOUTUBE CHANNELS - ones I watch the most: ... gG_fKEiHrQ ... xoo8yMRiLA

YOUTUBE CHANNELS - Others: ... LHz-juFxIQ ... M2r_WFzrSQ ... kQNZAdMKRQ (Conversion videos) ... I5Q/videos