Things to do while interest compounds

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Temporary things to do that don't necessarily add to your nest egg, but allow you to live without making withdrawals from your investments, allowing interest to compound on itself while you do something interesting.

By finding something that allows you to live without making withdrawals from your portfolio you can let compounding interest rapidly increase the size of your investments while you spend some time doing something interesting that provides for your living expenses. Using this strategy you could either quit working earlier, allowing for a few years of passive investment growth to get you to your ultimate goal, or allow a few years of passive growth to add to your long-term financial security or comfort by allowing you to ultimately have a lower withdrawal rate, or a higher withdrawal amount.

  • Live at a state/national park for free in exchange for some light duties
  • Be a caretaker
  • Try low/no cost communal living
  • Crew on sailboats
  • Go live in a remote area, build a temporary shelter, and enjoy the wilderness
  • Travel and work temporary jobs to see new places and experience new people
  • Get into a PhD program with a stipend
  • Join a band, live off the gig money
  • Volunteer with Americorp or the Peacecorp
  • Work a part-time or seasonal job you enjoy
  • WWOOFing
  • Spend a season being a surfing, skiing, climbing, or other bum.