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April 2015: I'm going to split up the "references" to better reflect the type of media as soon as I get the chance, unless you have an objection. JP

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I thought the blog was updated regularly until late 2011? I know many posts were recycled, but I think enough new ones went up in 2011.

Maximize Serendipity Serendipity is an unexpected positive opportunity. Ordinarily most such opportunities are missed due to the failure to generate opportunities, failure to recognize opportunities, and prior constraints that make change difficult or risky. ERE maximizes serendipity by minimizing the constraints such as the inability to quit a job, the inability to act due to lack of money, the inability to relocate because of the hassle, etc., and maximizes awareness by being widely competent and informed. ERE generates opportunities by increasing involvement with many different people (not just work colleagues and neighbors) and many different projects. Since serendipidity is relatively rare, it is important to position yourself to be able to seize an opportunity when it presents itself. It may never appear again.

Consequently, hobbies are chosen so they can align and reinforce each other and even lead to jobs. For example, writing scientific papers as a job (primary objective), which has the side-effect of editing skills, combined with creative writing and system administration as hobbies, can lead to an editing job (new primary objective) with the side-effect of type-setting skills. The type-setting skills combined with creative writing can lead to self-publication of a book.