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Punk rock rejects social norms and the need to conform to them. As a result, it extols ideals in common with ERE: anticonformity, anticonsumerism, DIY, free thought and individualism. Punk emphasizes directly experiencing the world and expressing oneself, bypassing any filtering or influence from mainstream institutions such as governments, corporations, churches, etc.

The DIY ethic is central to punk; musicians often make their own instruments and apparel themselves, and in general produce music without regard to established rules or processes. Related media such as fanzines are DIY-produced using available resources.

While much of punk culture overlaps with ERE, several punk precepts are orthogonal or opposed to ERE: anti-capitalism, anarchism, and provocative behavior such as culture jamming or wearing aggressive clothing.

As punk is an individualist movement, it is impossible to accurately summarize the views of all its adherents. People inevitably reach different conclusions from the same philosophical starting points. While punk, in the main, is anti-capitalist, there are pro-capitalist and ambivalent factions within it; some punks are pacifists and others engage in destructive direct action.