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The $1.38 Mountain Bike [1]

A homemade map holder for my bicycle [2]

How to pick a commuter bike [3]

Bike repair

Gaining bike repair experience [4]

How to set up a bicycle repair company [5]

Fixing my bicycle - part I [6]

How to adjust the rear derailleur with an index shifter [7]

Bike repair - external links


Playing with alexa web rankings [8]

New metric for blog rankings [9]

Government Website Ranking [10]

Changing Focus

So long and thanks for all the fish [11]

Should I go back to work? [12]


Vinegar and soap [13]

Laundry detergent [14] Links to TSD


Jacob´s Makeover Day 06: Clothes [15]

Making socks last [16]

Don´t wash your clothes every day [17]


Building an intentional early retirement community [18]


Cooking for 6 days in 30 minutes for less than $4 [19]

How to downsize your kitchen [20]

Rice, lentils and bacon recipe [21]


Access to credit: Why the young generation should avoid it [22]

Credit crunch 101 [23]

The credit crisis and the great recession [24]

DIY other than bike

First attempt at saw sharpening [25]


The education of an investor [26]


I just started and exercise program - what should I expect? [27]

The two year fitness program [28]

Finance / Strategy

Investing in sectors too big to fail [29]


Graphing the meaning of retirement [30]

Cash flow diagrams for the poor, the middle classe, and the investor class [31]

Health Care

How to save money on health care [32]


Eliminating heating bills and cutting down on heating costs[33]

Keeping war during winter [34]


Democracy, Hollingworth and the ingenuity gap [35]

New math [36] Links to great infographics

Spring holiday [37]

Preliminaries to retiring in 5 years [38]

The biggest blogging mistake I ever made [39]


Hello new readers [40]


The efficient market hypothesis [41]

Efficient markets have zero returns [42]

The cult of index investing [43]

Money - earning of

My money lending experiences on Prosper [44]

Books, e-books, advertising and donations [45]

Why not an e-book [46]

After the writing is done [47]

Parallel Universe entries

Top 5 reasons why sidewalks are not safe [48]

Tattooing your net worth on your forehead [49]

Place to live

Jacob´s Makeover Day 01: Finding a place to live [50]

We are going to cut our expenses in half [51]

RV vs. apartment [52]

Why we bought an RV to live in [53]

Do I have to live in an RV to retire extremely early? [54]

Philosophy / Strategy

The forest approach to ERE [55]

Dear graduate, do you want to retire in 5 years? [56]

How to retire in 5 years [57]

To become financially independent at 25 [58]

The importance of not being a punk [59]

Post-materialism and post-productivity [60]

Retiring happy in the 21st century [61]

Ecological capitalism and consumer capitalism [62]

What retirement means to me [63]

How well are you doing on your way to early retirement [64]

What´s good about being financially independent and early retired? [65]

Price and value [66]

Stop throwing away food [67]

Food rationing [68]

Utopia [69]

Philosophy is not the words of books [70]


Smoothies #5, #6, #7, #8

Veggie burger [71]


How to remove rust using things from your garage only [72]

How to remove rust using kitchen utensils only [73]


My sailing adventures [74]

My sailing log [75]

Sailing, coffee brewing an The Way[76]


The 100 things challenge [77]

The end of simplifying [78]

The downsizing challenge [79]


Speeding and transportation [80]

Running as transportation [81]


Update 1 - From the Windy City (2012-03-30) [82]

Update 2 - Look Ma, No Car! (2012-06-28) [83]

Update 3 - Interesting spreadsheet calculation (2012-08-20) [84]

Update 4 - Some woodworking projects (2012-12-30) [85]

Update 5 - We bought a house (2014-06-08) [86]

Winning Awards

2009 Plutus Award finalist [87]