Cheap Date Ideas

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Here's some cheap dating ideas. These should ideally be cheaper than drinks+dinner, dinner+movie, or even a 2-3 rounds of drinks at local bars.

Indoors/All Weather

  • Coffee shop. Good for first dates with people from online. Cost: 2 cups coffee.
  • Netflix/movies at home. Could cook a meal. Cost: +1 person for meal and dinner.
  • Visit local museums or zoos. Cost: sometimes free, oddball museums can be cheap.
  • Visit family. Cost: gift/bringing food.
  • Find somewhere to play board games, ping-pong, pool. Cost: cover charge, usually.
  • Provide missing experiences. For instance, going sledding if someone has never sledded before. Cost: free/supplies.
  • Dance lessons (or other lessons). Cost: lesson cost - probably ~$20.
  • Art gallery openings.
  • Concerts/live music. Can find small shows by local groups or 'has-beens' for cheap. Older jazz musicians are talented but not in demand. Cost: ~$20.

Warmer Weather

  • Picnic at local parks. Bring a frisbee/football/soccer ball to play with. Cost: +1 person for lunch.
  • Hiking/walking in the woods or around the city. Cost: free/transport.
  • Bike rides. Cost: free with bikes.
  • Local college sporting events. Cost: cheap.