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Warehouse stores charge a fee for access, usually $30-$50 annually. In the US, Costco has the best reputation out of warehouse stores. Some BJ's Wholesale have gas stations that can be $.10-.15 cheaper per gallon, so if you can take advantage of that you get even more from your membership. Some employers offer discounted memberships. Many, like BJ's, offer free trial memberships during the summer and around the holidays. If you plan well, you can do all of your bulk shopping during the free trials and avoid paying for the membership. Others have reported that using a Costco giftcard will get you access to Costco and membership prices at checkout with being a member. YMMV

Maintaining a price book by weight/volume helps when comparing items at warehouse stores.

Items routinely cheaper at warehouse stores:

  • bulk baking needs (flour, sugar, etc.)
  • bulk grains and legumes
  • coffee
  • dairy
  • frozen prepared foods
  • meat
  • nuts
  • OTC medications
  • some automotive supplies

Items routinely more expensive at warehouse stores:

  • cereal
  • cleaning products
  • snacks
  • candy