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ERE City was a project started in 2011 with the goal of finding optimal cities to live in.

One of the problems with ERE is to find like-minded people locally. This is an issue both pre-FI in terms of having sympathetic people to talk about ERE to and post-FI in terms of having people to do things with when everybody else spends most of their time working, watching TV, and attending paid events (see this forum thread as an example).

One solution is to designate an "official ERE city" to which those who are interested would move. This is modeled on the Free State Project in which states were judged for the alignment with libertarian values. Ultimately, one and a half were chosen: New Hampshire with Wyoming as a runner up.

Criteria to Use for Evaluating ERE Cities

  1. Cost of housing
  2. Access to local food supply
  3. Carfree-friendliness including a way to travel in and out via public transportation
  4. Property, income, and capital gains taxes

Suggested ERE Cities

United States:

  • AZ, Tucson
  • CA, Chico
  • CA, Sacramento
  • CA, Salinas
  • CT, Hartford
  • FL, Gainesville
  • ID, Coeur d'Alene
  • ID, Boise
  • KS, Lawrence
  • MA, Burlington
  • MN, Minneapolis
  • MS, Springfield
  • MT, Bozeman
  • NC, Asheville
  • NC, Chapel Hill
  • NH, Dover
  • NH, Durham
  • NH, Keene
  • NH, Manchester
  • NH, Newmarket
  • NH, Salem
  • NH, Seabrook
  • NY, Ithaca
  • NY, Rochester
  • NY, Syracuse
  • NY, Troy
  • OR, Baker
  • OR, Bend
  • OR, Burns
  • OR, Corvallis
  • OR, Eugene
  • OR, Klamath Falls
  • OR, Pendelton
  • OR, Portland
  • PA, Pittsburgh
  • PA, State College
  • TX, Austin
  • TX, Lubbock
  • UT, Salt Lake City
  • VT, Burlington
  • WA, Ashland
  • WA, Anacortes
  • WA, Port Townsend
  • WA, Spokane
  • WA, Vancouver
  • WA, Walla Walla

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